SP160 Sliding Doors

SP160 - Space Autodoor Sliding Doors
  • Mechanism

  • Description

    • For light door weights and applications
    • Designed for straightforward applications that are less demanding
    • Recommended for frameless all glass entrances
    • Simple, Clean and Easy installation
    • Very quiet operating direct current drive motor

    SP-160 is a cost effective automatic sliding door operator ideal for simple, yet safe, applications in variety of indoor and outdoor locations, providing operational smoothness and efficiency. It is suitable for entrances that are less demanding in terms of space and traffic levels. It is fitted with smaller, lighter electrical controls and motor, making it remarkably economical on electrical consumption, yet it meets the requirements to easily move automatic sliding doors with light door leaves of up to 80kg.

  • Application

    Suitable for door entrance indoors or outdoors in less demanding areas, where smaller opening with lighter door leafs is required. It is suitable for installation in small shops, restaurants, interior rooms, secondary entrance into buildings and areas with low to medium traffic levels.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor SP160 Sliding Doors' technical figures
  • Accessory

    • Combined Sensor SPS - C201
    • Electric Lock SPE – 201
    • All Glass Profile
    • Frameless Guide Roller