SPC280 - Space Autodoor Other Doors
  • Description

    • Excellent and cheaper alternative to revolving doors
    • Energy saving compared to revolving doors; use 75% less power
    • Allows for fast and comfortable entry
    • Easier and cheaper to maintain, yet it offers the same visual aesthetics as revolving doors
    • Symbolizes elegance and style

    SPACE automatic curved sliding doors are excellent and cheaper alternative to revolving doors, with equally, if not better, visual aesthetics. They integrate seamlessly into high tech structures. They are simple to operate, have wide range of design options and are easy to install. Wide design variation gives complete freedom to create for architects and designers. The doors can be designed as outwardly or inwardly curved semi-circles and segments, as full circle configurations, as oval and double-segment units, or as tailored constructions using any combination of these basic shapes. It has the ability to safely control access through any entrance, to attract people to enter and to ensure optimal energy savings through drought exclusion and airlock function.

  • Application

    They are an excellent and cheaper alternative to revolving doors. Round and curved doors are highly appreciated in public or government buildings, banks, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants, spas and other buildings offering high value goods.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor SPC280 Doors' technical figures