SPT280 - Space Autodoor Other Doors
  • Description

    • Space saving door system when space is at minimum
    • 30% more opening width for the same amount of space
    • Based on the SP-280 mechanism
    • Very quiet operating direct current drive
    • Reduces heat loss by up to 50%

    Automatic telescopic door is an ideal solution where large opening is required with minimum space available and where good use of daylight is required. This system combines space saving versatility with the elegant look of a large clear opening. It is also suitable for retrofitting of existing facades and thus it is the number one choice for retrofitting and renovation work. SPACE telescopic door uses the whole rail instead of traditional double rails, and adopts steel wire and transmission pulley as a linkage system, making the installation faster and more convenient. It can be used on 2-leaf or 4-leaf doors. It can safely move at fast speeds, which can be adjusted by the user, while being able to pull heavy leaves of up to 100 kg. Available in single slide 3 panel configuration, or double slide 6 panel configuration.

  • Application

    Ideal where space is at minimum and is a great choice as a special entrance and to make any entrance stand out amongst other buildings. Particularly suitable for hotels and restaurants, airports, special retail outlets and personalized shops and other entrances where large opening is required, but space is limited.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor SPT280 Doors' technical figures