Clear Glass Revolving Doors

Clear Glass - Space Autodoor Revolving Doors
  • Description

    • All glass/light frame system revolting door system
    • Elegant design and appearance with maximum transparency
    • Flexible system suitable for all entrances
    • Manufactured to the highest standard
    • Drive in ceiling or fully concealed in the floor

    This full glass or light frame revolving door is the perfect solution for modern buildings where space and light is off essence. Due to extensive use of glass, it conveys a positive first impression as well as allows for a smooth flow of traffic. As the door is very light compared to standard revolving systems, it uses less energy. In spite of this, it is extremely strong and secure. It effectively holds back dust, dirt and noise from the street, reliably reduces draughts and helps to keep heating and air-conditioning costs down.

  • Application

    The system is the perfect solution for medium traffic flow applications such as hotels, offices and many other types of buildings and it is perfect in combination with contemporary glass facades. Ideal for hotels, administration buildings, shopping malls, exhibition and conference centers, multiplex cinemas, railway stations, airport buildings, sports facilities, hospitals etc.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor Clear Glass Revolving Doors' technical figures
  • Accessory

    • Photocell
    • UPS battery
    • Remote control