Large Revolving Doors

Large - Space Autodoor Revolving Doors
  • Description

    • Versatile high capacity revolving door
    • Incorporating sliding door mechanism
    • Spacious compartments that can accommodate large objects
    • Showcases for displays and advertisements
    • Environmentally friendly and attractive entrance

    This is a large two wing revolving door with the added benefit of incorporating classic sliding door systems in the center. SPACE SPR large frame revolving door can be used as fully automatic revolving entrance, an automatic sliding entrance or can be left completely open depending on circumstances. The added benefit of the incorporated sliding door is that the door serves as an excellent emergency exit. Unlike conventional revolving doors, it does not have a center column allowing for totally clear opening. Compartments on the edge of the door leafs can be used for displays and advertisements, without compromising safety and affecting the visual aesthetics. The unique design of this revolving door can turn an ordinary entrance into environmentally friendly, multifunctional and attractive entrance.

  • Application

    Thanks to the variability of its design and a broad selection of surface finishes, it will enhance the entrance of any building. It can be used for various entrances in airports, hospitals, banks, supermarket, hotels and many other applications.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor Large Revolving Doors' technical figures
  • Accessory

    • Photocell
    • UPS battery
    • Remote control