Standard Revolving Doors

Standard - Space Autodoor Revolving Doors
  • Description

    • Extremely cost efficient automatic door
    • Available in three or four leaf versions
    • Convenient and disruption free
    • Universal system for almost any entrance
    • Easily accessible drive located in the system roof

    As its name suggest, this is one of the most common used revolving door systems. While small in size, the door is well suited for number of applications and various styles of architecture. Most commonly available with three or four wings, this system can used either as manual or automatic door and is available in extensive range of sizes. Overall, it is extremely versatile and practical solution for almost any entrance.

  • Application

    Ideal for heavier traffic flows, this system is a perfect choice for supermarkets, offices, hotels and many other type of commercial and public buildings where extensively large entrance is not required.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor Standard Revolving Doors' technical figures
  • Accessory

    • Photocell
    • UPS battery
    • Remote control