SPSL180 Sliding Doors

SP180 - Space Autodoor Sliding Doors
  • Mechanism

    Space Autodoor SPSL180 Sliding Doors' mechanism
  • Casing

    Space Autodoor SPSL180 Sliding Doors' casing
  • Description

    • For light to medium weight door applications
    • Suitable for medium to high traffic areas
    • Excellent cost/benefit ratio
    • Tested to 3,000,000 cycles and approved for highest level of safety
    • Elegant design with 10cm slim profile casing

    SP-SL180 offers numerous benefits with excellent price/performance ratio. Fitted with a lighter and new direct current, low wear and maintenance free motor, it is able to move light to medium heavy door leafs of up to 130kg with ease. Long working life, reliability and low maintenance costs are guaranteed and the movements of the door leaves are quiet, providing pleasant ambience in the rooms they serve.

  • Application

    Perfectly suited for internal and external entrances with high traffic levels, for example in supermarkets, airports and banks and ideal for areas with frequent door movement. Some of the areas, but not limited to, where this system can be used include, administration buildings and public building, airports and railway stations, hotels and restaurants, commercial buildings and car dealerships, and many other commercial and public applications.

  • Technical

    Space Autodoor SPSL180 Sliding Doors' technical figures